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  • Initial consultation is complementary when a work session is booked during a consultation. Includes a 1 hour assessment of your space and needs. A consultation will include a follow up action plan with suggested products to utilize. 

  • Hourly rate of $60/hour for one person, $55/hour/person for two people, $50/hour/person for 3+ people.

  • Each organizing session is minimum 3 hours.

  • Services included in the hourly rate: Drop off of donations and recycling. Organizing donation pick up, selling of items, and arranging movers.

  • Shopping for suggested products is billed at $60/hour.

  • ​​Please note GST and PST will be added to the total bill. ​​

  • Mileage is charged at .52 cents/km outside of Saskatoon. Accommodation will also be charged if necessary.

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