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Home Free focuses on making the transition from the current home to the new residence stress free.

  • Preparing the home to be sold by decluttering and rearranging furniture

  • Helping clients decide what items to take to the new home and packing the items to be moved

  • Arranging movers and "managing" move day

  • Determining what will happen to all the "stuff" that is left behind: sell, donate, family/friends

  • Unpacking all boxes, making beds and hanging pictures to welcome you to your new home!

"We called upon Natasha to help our parents move out of the house they had lived in for almost 50 years.  Although our parents had expected to move much later, an opportunity came available when everyone least expected it.  In addition, their house sold quickly and the new owners negotiated an early possession date.  Given that most of the family lived out of Saskatoon and even out of the province and country, the new timing made this situation more complicated for the family to help with everything.   Given all these circumstances, Natasha was able to assist us so that when we were able to travel to Saskatoon, the move went smoothly.   Natasha helped our parents understand the best means to downsize from a large home into a small apartment.  We truly appreciated her knowledge of the local charities and services to help us find good homes for those items no longer needed by the family.  She also assisted in setting up the new apartment and to help them feel positive about their new home.    

"There were so many memories and it was very emotional for all involved.  Natasha's calm disposition helped to make the entire process go smoothly when it originally appeared daunting."  

Our parents had an easy transition because they simply unlocked the door and stepped inside to their new home."

-M Dean, Ottawa, Ontario

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