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Estate Organizing

Home Free assists families with the difficult task of dispersing an estate.

  • Communicating with the family to determine a plan to disperse the belongings of the deceased

  • Preparing an itemized list of household items to present to the family members

  • Organizing estate sales

  • Preparing items for donation to charitable groups

"We had the pleasure of working with Natasha with an estate situation when my father suddenly passed away. There was a full house, shed and yard which held the possessions he had accumulated over a life time of collecting and garage sale attendance.

​"We were overwhelmed with the quantity of items. At the same time, there were many other tasks that needed to be handled with the estate, as well as just the emotions of the loss." 

​So this was just another worry for us.  We would pick up items and not really know what to do with them, or how to even begin.
Natasha was able to provide us with direction, get us started on a path and kept us moving forward. She did much of the leg work, making phone calls, finding out information for us which took a lot of stress out of our lives so we could focus on our priorities. She found agencies that were very helpful, where we could donate items and feel rewarded that things our family didn't have a use for could be appreciated. She found businesses that could take hazardous goods, hours of operations of depots, information such as websites where we could find out the value of some unique items that we could look into when we needed them.
We found having someone check in with us and to meet with during a time like this kept us moving ahead and getting things accomplished. Natasha worked tirelessly and efficiently helping sort, organize and pack, which again helped us so much. We also provided Natasha with a house key, and she spent time on her own sorting, organizing and providing suggestions. It was great to have someone with compassion and understanding that wasn't emotionally attached to our material items to share their professional expertise with us."

-Jeff and Karen Resener

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